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We are an award winning production company bringing to life stories that evoke conversation and understanding through feature films and serial television.

Our Projects

Ingrediente: Mexico

In this colorful original documentary series, Michelin star chef Drew Deckman takes you on a deep culinary and cultural exploration throughout Mexico, meeting farmers and fishermen who are guardians of the earth, committed to sustainability and regenerative practices, learning from traditional cooks devoted to keeping their ancestors’ legacies alive, and cooking with local chefs who are innovating traditions and celebrating their heritage through food.

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18 Chefs: One Voice

This film follows 18 top chefs from around the world gathered together for one week in Yucatan to learn about and raise money for local Maya communities. Together the chefs discovered the ancient farming and cooking methods of the Maya, exploring past and present traditions. They foraged and cooked with local ingredients and ultimately created a nine course meal for 200 people on the grounds of ancient Maya ruins.

Ingrediente: A Restaurant Uprooted

Ingrediente: A Restaurant Uprooted is feature documentary airing on PBS nationwide. The film follows Chef Drew Deckman running his wildly successful table to farm restaurant, Deckmans el Mogor, in Baja California, when he was forced to shutter operations due to the pandemic. Its a true hero's story as Deckman cooked everyday feeding his staff and their families, and he cooked for 200 local fishermen and their families every week. The film chronicles what one restaurateur had to deal with, the myriad of challenging issues, the unknowns of what the future holds, and the difficult decisions that needed to be made during this time of crisis, to the ultimate reopening of the restaurant. Drew Deckman's story represents a glimpse into what all restaurants faced worldwide.

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We Served Too: The Story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII

A feature film about a group of young, determined and courageous women during WWII, who broke through barriers and shattered stereotypes. They were the first women pilots to ever fly for the United States military.

Film airing on PBS